The principal idea of a crowdsoucing alliance is that a co-creation-, investment- and knowledge sharing approach will drastically reduce investments. It will accelerate time to market for DAIR framework content creation. With an Alliance Open Source approach. Many contributors are working toward the same framework simultaneously and all participants in the alliance can instantly harvest what has been created by other members.

With an alliance of 10 corporate members we scale the Data/AI Ready content breadth and depth of the framework 10 times faster, to 1/10 of the investment for all participating corporate members.

Each corporate member picks and develops EPICS, FEATURES or USER STORIES of the framework selected to be relevant for current initiatives and use cases in their enterprise.

Expert partners with the relevant expertise for the user story at hand pick up the work and co-create together with the corporate who picked the user story.

Delivered developments are shared and distributed via DAIRDUX ALLIANCE content/sharing platform. To be accessed by all members.

To secure effective knowledge sharing in the alliance, the expert together with Dairdux as a final step, package development in a suitable training format and adds new training content where it fits in the framework training and certification curricula. In this way securing effective knowledge sharing to other alliance members.

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