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Dive into our library and explore intriguing articles as well as The Dair-files – a collection of short stories and novels on the topics of Data-AI-Readiness (DAIR) and AI-trans-formation.



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From data to value – With founder Henrik Göthberg

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From Data to Value – with founder Henrik Göthberg – Part 1

Introduction: Exploring and deep diving in the operational vision to…

From Data to Value – with founder Henrik Göthberg – Part 2

Now it's time for the first episode! This gives an overview of the…

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The AI Afterwork Podcast

The AI AW podcast is a weekly live streamed long format conversation.

The mission is to increase understanding and to demystify data innovation and AI, as well as explore the impact on future business and society. We do this by bringing the listeners close to the challenges that AI experts, regulators, leaders and users aim to solve today.

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