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This MASTERCLASS aims to help you discover opportunities for using AI based on advanced machine learning. A common mistake organisations make when starting their AI journey is to aim for disrupting existing business rather than finding opportunities for using AI to improve the efficiency of existing processes. In this full-day workshop, our senior business developers, product developers and scientists work with you, following a structured format, to identify the best opportunities for small AI pilot projects with a high chance of success to build momentum in your organization and your teams.

Short Facts

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Course outline

In the workshop we work together to answer the following questions:

Can better decisions be made?
Where are your organization or department most inefficient, or where is there a lot of customer pain?
Where does your organization or department have a lot of relevant data?
What business outcome do you want to achieve?
Will this actually solve your problem?

Based on learning from the first session we proceed to identify top candidates for an AI pilot by verifying the properties:

You have a well-defined problem to solve
You have clear ways to measure the outcomes
You have balanced the highest possible impact against the lowest complexity
You have access to good data
You know that stakeholders can act on the results

Deliverables & Master Class material

Lean AI Canvas
The result from the workshop is a “Lean AI canvas”-sheet that can form the basis to develop the first version of a scope and project plan for an AI pilot.

Master Class participants and prerequisites

Participants should have good business knowledge and be subject matter experts.

  • General managers
  • Business Developers
  • Data and Analytics Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Digitalisation Leaders
  • Business unit managers
  • Team Leaders responsible for a business unit or process

The instructors

Morgan Ekmefjord
CTO of Scaleout Systems. Business and Product development experience from several Fortune 500 companies. Successfully built solutions ranging across a wide range of industries from Mission planning and Fighter simulators, Telecommunication planning and optimization
software, Regulatory and Compliance tracking systems, Large Scale POS solutions for retail and food companies.
Andreas Hellander
Andreas is Chief Scientific Officer at Scaleout Systems. He holds a PhD in scientific computing and is an expert on modelling, simulation, and development of scientific applications using cloud infrastructure. He is also Associate Professor at Uppsala University where he leads a research group in computational science and engineering.
Ola Spjuth
Ola is the lead scientist machine learning & AI at Scaleout Systems and holds a PhD in bioinformatics with many years of experience in applied machine learning on high-performance and distributed e-infrastructures. Ola is also Associate Professor at Uppsala University where he leads a research group that studies how predictive modelling, large-scale calculations and modern e-infrastructure can aid research and development.
Salman Toor
Salman is lead scientist of distributed infrastructures at Scaleout Systems. He holds a PhD in scientific computing and is an expert on scientific data management, scalability and performance of distributed infrastructures, and solutions for data-intensive applications. Salman is also Assistant professor at Uppsala University where he conducts research on e-infrastructure.

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