Designing a Data-driven Agile Supply Chain

Designing a Data-driven Agile Supply Chain

A hands-on training to identify new opportunities and drive digital supply chain initiatives

COURSE : Designing a Data-driven Agile Supply Chain
DATE/S : 26th February 2020
VENUE: HYPERIGHT DATA CLUB | STOCKHOLM Tegnergatan 14, 113 58 Stockholm


According to Adobe, 70% of US workers currently don’t feel equipped to leverage AI and digital technologies in their jobs. Even though most organizations have realized the need for digital and AI technologies in augmenting business functions, there is wide gap between what is envisioned and what can be realistically achieved. And this gap is due to lack of maturity in business teams and functions to clearly articulate their needs and adopt new tools, processes and ways of working. Digital is as much about mindsets and behaviours as it is about technology and data – a fact missed by most.

This course is intended for the mid-level supply chain managers and supply chain experts in Medium and Large organizations who are tasked with the responsibility to identify opportunities for digital augmentation in their area of responsibility. And who want to acquire and upgrade their digital and AI skills to become future-oriented contributors for their organizations.

This Business-centric ‘jargon-free’ introduction to AI and Digital technologies focuses on business applications of technology in supply chain management – its impact on roles and KPIs, change in mindset, new data-driven skills and agile ways of working.


Why this training is crucial for your organisation:

Data and AI are not just technological paradigms, they also change the business processes and ways of working. Supply Managers and experts need the ability to identify the opportunities to utilize technologies to improve de- mand forecasting, supply chain planning, inventory planning, vendor analytics etc. They need the ability to develop the business case to secure executive sponsorship and clearly define the business requirements for digital and IT teams to develop advanced business solutions. Finally, they must also need the ability to adopt the data-driven solution and drive transformation in their operating models and ways of working to leverage insights and intelli- gence from data.

This program addresses all these needs new needs of the supply chain management teams and imparts them the necessary knowledge and skills through a carefully selected assortments of case-studies, group activities and round-table discussion. To increase the efficacy of the program further, we also encourage the participants to bring individual problem statements and work on it during the training.

Benefits of attending this interactive two-day training include

After attending this interactive two-day training program, participants will be able to learn the following
Knowledge #1
Understand how emerging technologies and AI impacts supply chain functions and operations
Knowledge #2
Understand the general AI framework and the meaning behind common AI terminology
Knowledge #3
Common business application of digital and AI and how to maximize supply chain efficiency
Knowledge #4
Strengths and limitation of current AI systems and its implications
Skills #1
Ability to discuss and analyse the business case for new technologies in their area
Skills #2
Ability to develop business requirements for digital and IT teams
Skills #3
Ability to communicate and collaborate with data scientists and data engineers
Skills #4
Ability to adopt new tools and new ways of working based on data and insights
Skills #5
Ability to develop and execute the program charter for supply chain digitalization initiatives

Who should attend

Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain experts, Supply Chain Analysts, Logistics Managers, Fulfilment Managers, Transportation Managers, Demand Planning Managers, Supply Planning Managers, Production Planning Managers, Material Managers, Warehouse Managers, Supplier Development Managers.


Session 1: Understanding digital technologies and their impact on supply chain
• Overview of key digital technologies in Supply Chain Management
– Cloud
– Mobile
– E-commerce
– Analytics and AI
– Augmented Reality
– Blockchain
• Use-cases and impact of digital technologies in Sup- ply Chain operations Interactive discussion – partici- pants will discuss the impact of technology on Supply Chain Group activity for participants to discuss the supply chain challenges and how digital technology can overcome them

Session 2: Identifying opportunities for digitalization in supply chain
• Assessing the right initiatives for your company and industry
– Identify needs and benefits
– Identify use-cases
– Identify technology need
– New operations model using data-driven design
• Business Case Development, Assessment and Prioritization
• Group Activity with a group of 2-3 participants for designing a new digital operation in the supply chain function of their choice. Participants will analyze an operation, identify improvement potential, define the required technology platforms and new operating model using data-driven design. Participants will further develop a very simple business case with an approximate investment proposal and ROI for the initiative.
Session 3: Developing requirements for supply chain digitalization initiative
• Developing business requirements
– Developing Business requirements
– Developing new roles and KPIs
– Selecting the right steering team
• Developing program charter for the digitalization intuitive.
• Defining data sources, business logic and information requirements for the new initiative
• Group Activity with a group of 2-3 participants in a team develop a complete program charter for us- ing the provided launch template for a supply chain digitalization initiative of their choice complete with specifying the business requirement, data sources, information requirements, KPIs and roles and team composition. They will also develop a basic requirement backlog, program timelines and governance framework for smooth execution of the program.

Session 4: Data-Driven Decision Making for supply chain functions and processes
• Modern data analysis and business intelligence • Developing business trends and hypothesis
• Working with Self-Service Business Intelligence • Designing decision workflow
• Group Activity with a group of 2-3 participants in a team developing data-driven business model with business intelligence metrics, scenario analysis and decision logic for the supply chain problem of their choice

Session 5: Agile Business Operations
Participants will learn about the new paradigm of agile business operations and how the roles and expectations will change in the digital supply chain
• Introduction to Agile Business Development (Predict and Prepare)
– Predict and Prepare Mindset HEVI Framework
– Business and Service Operations
– Continuous learning and creative problem-solving

About the trainer

Somil Gupta

Somil is an AI Strategy and Monetization Advisor for Nordic Manufacturing, Automotive and Retail Companies. Earlier, he led the business development for digital topics for Bosch in the Nordics. He consults C-Suite executives and manager in understanding the developing and monetizing digital solutions e.g. AI and Blockchain and bridging the gap between their digital vision and their capability to realize that vision.

He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management with a background in New Product Development, Product Marketing and Management and Supply Chain Management. He offers corporate and executive trainings on monetization and is currently acting as a program director for ‘AI for Business’ at DAIRDUX AB



COURSE : Designing a Data-driven Agile Supply Chain
DATE/S : 6th February 2020
Tegnergatan 14, 113 58 Stockholm


Price Per Delegate : 24 390 SEK (excl. VAT)
Closing Registration Date: 19th February 2020

All options inclusive of course papers, luncheon, refreshments & service charge.

After receiving payment a receipt will be issued. If you do not receive a letter outlining joining details two weeks prior to the event, please contact the training coordinator at Dairdux.

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    1. Fees are inclusive of programme materials and refreshments.

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