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DAIRDUX™ are growing a global community of Data & AI experts, experienced in leading and guiding business adoption of Data & AI driven practices in a traditional enterprise setting.

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We work with a network of data practitioners to deliver hands-on training services. If you are a Data Practitioner who has or is looking to work in the training space, then get in contact with us and find out more on the steps to become a DAIRDUX™ trainer.

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Develop a Training Module

Our training programs are created by industry experts with a long track-record in helping organisations and individuals to be Data and AI Ready. If you are already sitting on kick-ass training material that you have developed, or you have the knowledge and the expertise to develop one but you didn’t found a use for it, then we have a great business platform for you. Get in contact to find out more on the next steps to get your training content into the DAIRDUX™ platform.

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Our Key
Knowledge Areas

Data Science Operations & Ways of Working
Our Data Science modules allow Data Scientists responsible for Analytics and Algorithm development to grow from analytics and statistical modelling into mathematical/function-based models like Machine Learning and AI models.
Data Platform Engineering & Architecture
Our Data platform engineering and architecture modules enable computer engineers to work with High Performance Computing. To develop the data platform, ingesting new data, building data pipelines and data sets. And containerise algorithms to create micro services deployed into operational production.
Information Asset Management & Stewardship
Our Information asset management modules are geared toward the Information Stewardship role responsible to operationalise data governance frameworks in regard to Data Catalogues, Data Lineage, Data Quality. For the organisation to be data compliant, manage data security risks and to secure data and algorithm sharing and re-usability
DAIR Leadership, Innovation & Change Management
Our DAIR Leadership training modules empower executives, middle-management and transformation leaders to accelerate innovation and use case identification. It equips them to re-design and drive change management of organisation, process, governance and operating model to secure operations are Data/AI Ready. To faster realise operational value of new technology, data and newly hired experts or consultants.

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